a lament.

We are more than bodies.

We are more than our skin color, nationality and religion.

More than where we were born and the place we belong.

More than the sums of our weight, height, shapes and age.

More than our socioeconomic class, the size of our house and the clothes we wear.

We are more than our jobs, where we work and how we get there.

More than all of our failures, achievements and awards.

More than our gender, our label, our sexual preferences.

We are more than bodies to be used, sold, discarded and disregarded.


We are souls.


The enemy has tricked us, lied to us and blinded us so that we only see the body.

Oh LORD, help us to see the soul.

Souls carry around scars from the past that minds forget.

They hold hope for the future when our hearts are fading and flesh is failing.

The soul is eternal, everlasting.

You can kill the body but you can not kill the soul.

It is continually reaching toward heaven while constrained in earthy vessels.

The soul needs care while it is here until our bodies are gone and it finds it’s way home.

Perhaps if our souls knit themselves together we could care for one another.


Who among us will care for souls?


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peas, tank you & brocco-tatoes

This has been a crazy week. Jason is out of town on business again and I haven’t been feeling super spiritual lately (most prayers go something like this, “Dear God, please let this child take a nap.”) so I decided to blog about other stuff.

On Monday Rylie, Madison and Taitlyn came over. First thing Taitlyn says to me is “Did you get new shoes?” Me (guilty) “yes” . . . so, we played shoes!

On Tuesday I had to run errands down in Lynnwood so of course I end up at the Nordstrom Rack and attempt to practice self control by not buying this really cute purse. Then I met Jason for lunch at Chipotle before he went to the airport for his business trip. On the way home Faith waves her finger back and forth at me saying “No, no. No, no” when I pause the Baby Einstein DVD! She later says “tank you” and “peas” to a little boy at Sam’s basket ball practice that was sharing his pretzels with her! It was so cute! And by the way, I can’t stop thinking about the purse I didn’t buy at the Rack. Contemplate taking two kids to Lynnwood after basketball practice. We go home instead.

Wednesday – Faith comes with me to volunteer at Sam’s school. I leave the school and head to Nordstrom Rack because I apparently have zero self control. Then I realize I have left my leather jacket in the workroom of Kent Prairie Elementary. Turn around. Decide not to get on to Sam next time he leaves a $30 sweatshirt out at recess! Continue on to Nordstrom Rack. Find purse. Might as well look at shoes – we’re already here! Find cute shoes for less than $35. At this point I have given up on self control and so I just get the darn shoes while I’m there instead of coming back again tomorrow! Oh, and Faith said “baby” when she picked up a picture of Sam when he was a baby!

Thursday – Faith is enjoying her new car that Jason put together before he left! It doesn’t have as many cup holders as the Saturn but the gas mileage is amazing! While she is napping I get a call from the vice principal at Kent Prairie telling me that Sam got in a fist fight today at the bus stop. Oh geez. Sam tells me that they weren’t even fighting about anything. They were just doing it because some older kids at the bus stop wanted them to. “It was really hard not to because they were yelling, fight, fight, fight” is what he tells me. He whispered the “fight, fight, fight” part as if he was pretending to be in some sports arena. Obviously we had a talk. Gretchen invites us over for dinner because I have been feeding my kids happy meals and cereal since Jason is gone. Hello brocco-tatoes!!! (www.rachelray.com/recipe/php?recipe_id=1706 for Rachel Ray’s recipe)

Friday – drag Faith to Target for the second time this week (it is a lot closer to our house than the Rack). Then I take her to Snohomish to two antique stores where I find a locker that I think would be great for Sam’s room. I didn’t buy it . . . yet!

I did get some scrapbooking done although that meant not getting other stuff done!