a lament.

We are more than bodies.

We are more than our skin color, nationality and religion.

More than where we were born and the place we belong.

More than the sums of our weight, height, shapes and age.

More than our socioeconomic class, the size of our house and the clothes we wear.

We are more than our jobs, where we work and how we get there.

More than all of our failures, achievements and awards.

More than our gender, our label, our sexual preferences.

We are more than bodies to be used, sold, discarded and disregarded.


We are souls.


The enemy has tricked us, lied to us and blinded us so that we only see the body.

Oh LORD, help us to see the soul.

Souls carry around scars from the past that minds forget.

They hold hope for the future when our hearts are fading and flesh is failing.

The soul is eternal, everlasting.

You can kill the body but you can not kill the soul.

It is continually reaching toward heaven while constrained in earthy vessels.

The soul needs care while it is here until our bodies are gone and it finds it’s way home.

Perhaps if our souls knit themselves together we could care for one another.


Who among us will care for souls?


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