prevention and a parking lot

Not too long ago I was in the parking lot of my local grocery store when I saw an older gentleman pushing his empty grocery cart towards me and I heard the Lord whisper to me “put up his cart.”

In the following few seconds, I argued with the Lord because I felt that the man in the parking lot was perfectly capable of putting up his own cart and I questioned if I heard the Lord correctly in the first place, because it seemed like an odd request.

I smiled at the gentleman and said, “Hi” as we put our carts back in the cart return.

I walked back to my car and began to pull out of my parking spot. So did the parking lot man – and another grocery shopper. Right in front of my very eyes, they had a little parking lot fender bender.

I felt terrible. I called Jason and he assured me that the accident was not my fault. I knew that I hadn’t caused it but I felt that if I had obeyed the Lord I could have prevented it. If I had just put his cart up, he would have left sooner and not backed into the other car.

The Lord said to me, “That is what prevention is. You can’t see it on this side of heaven because it didn’t happen. You have to trust Me.”

If I’m being honest with you, I’ve struggled with trusting Him and I’ve come up with numerous reasons and excuses for not promoting my book: I don’t have time, I can’t afford to hire a publicist, I’m pretty sure that no one wants to talk about childhood sexual abuse, I don’t want to promote myself, just to name a few. I realized that the enemy has been whispering these lies to me and I have been believing him.

I’m finally calling his bluff.

I’m making time. I’m investing in myself, I’m talking about abuse, and I’m overcoming the fear of promoting my book and telling others what the Lord has done in my life.

Because you can’t measure prevention. You can’t see it on this side of heaven.

I’m praying for faith to trust Him more as I hear Him tell me which way to go. And I’m trying not to argue with Him like I did that day in the parking lot.