book in progress

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“Your book sure is doing a lot of good sitting on your desk!” My friend’s sarcasm spoke straight to my heart and I knew that she was right. After sitting on the corner of my desk all summer, I finally sent my manuscript and artwork to the publisher and it is currently in the “content evaluation” phase.

I have honestly been struggling with fear. I’m afraid that it isn’t good enough and I’m afraid of failing or being seen as a failure. I guess what I’ve learned is that following Jesus isn’t about failing or succeeding but about being obedient to do what He has asked of me. He told me to tell my story so I am going to do it the best that I can and leave the rest up to Him.


2 thoughts on “book in progress

  1. Lisa Avellán

    Good for you Becky, I am struggling with similar fears as I just launched my blog. Weeks of preparation and excitement to launch and as soon as I did all the fear swelled up in my heart and now I don’t know what to do! You are so right when you say its about being obedient. Obedience through fear is the only way we ever get to the other side of our creative desires.


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