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infographic by Petra Coach
infographic by Petra Coach

The Lord has been speaking to me about two things lately: success and relationships. I am beginning to think that they are related. (more on this in the next post!)

I have to tell you that I wrestle with the word “success”. What does it mean? Is it a godly thing or a worldly thing? Is it both? How do you measure it?

Maybe the question I should ask is: How does God measure it? Then, I would know that it is a good and godly thing.

I stumbled upon an infographic the other day much like the one above. It may have originally been intended for use in business but it works for anyone in any season of life. I was encouraged to notice that left off the list was a successful person’s salary – this is good news to me since I am a full time mom and I literally make zero dollars. I am so tempted to measure success with money. Also not on the list – a successful person is at the top of their career. Thank goodness that someone can still be successful and be starting a new thing or trying to make the current thing better. A successful person never makes mistakes was also excluded from the list. Praise the Lord! I am too caught up in my perfectionism to allow room for error. Sometimes I don’t do things because I fear that I will fail. I am getting over my fear of failure right now.

So here I go. I am setting goals and writing and blogging. I am starting a new thing. I am trying to make the current thing better.

I’d love for you to follow me along!

And since successful people share information – I would like to share with you what blogs I have been reading lately! These ladies inspire me, encourage me and make me laugh. Check them out!

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What blogs have you been reading?