For my Super Hero

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Who knew a trip to Goodwill could make a girl so emotional? As I unloaded a box out of the trunk I saw Sam’s old Spiderman glove on top and it almost made me cry! I quickly dug through the box to find the match and threw the gloves back in the car! What happened to my little boy? My crime fighting three year old is now in second grade!

I remember when dressing up like superheroes

wasn’t just for Halloween

I remember taking Spiderman to the grocery store

and playing Batman at the park

But you’re growin’ up now. . .

You don’t need me to walk you to the bus stop

I’m not your sidekick anymore

I pray that I can be the mom you need

to help you grow into the man God needs you to be

Cause you’re growin’ up now. . .

He said that you’ll grow in favor with men and with Him

and you’re going to be His mouthpiece

This calling is as much for you as it is for me

Cause I’m growin’ up now. . .

Learned a lot since I’ve been here

And He’s not finished with me yet

Even though your cape wearing days are over

I hope you never stop trying to save the world

Go ahead, I’ll be okay, you can grow up now. . .

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